Sarasota Interventional Cardiac Consultants is composed of 13 people in total, DR.Matthews, DR. Shin Vu, and DR. Spears. The 3 doctors were childhood friends who dreamed of making the world better by doing anything they possibly could, but like all people, they had a specific passion to the  medical the medical field  which is why they are where they are today. After countless different professions and occupations the Doctors finally decided to go into business all together with the experience that they had gained through the 2 decades that they spent helping all kinds of people around the world become and stay healthy. DR. Spears explains “It’s like after so many attempts of doing what I’m good at and helping others in that way was’nt enough for me. I knew that there were people who have been dealt worse hands out there that need help that they are not getting and instantly then and there, I knew what my tru calling was! To help people who truly need it in a way that can never be paid back to anyone. The gift of life!” That’s when the Doctor grabbed his phone and dialed his 2 best friends, filling them in on his newly decided goal and 1 year later Sarasota ICC was founded and thank heavens, successful and healthy along with it’s clients and patients. “It’s fenomenal and absolutely fulfilling, I finally feel like I’m using my life to its fullest potential, giving a happy, healthy life to people who were at rock bottom. We’ve had a 100% success rate so far, so patients dissapearing, no one giving up. It’s been  5 years strong and thankfully no one has been left behind!” says DR. Matthews excitedly, while trying to contain his energy. Don’t delay any longer, give us a call and begin your path to a better life right now with a 24/7 service team ready to take your call in order to make an appointment with us or an emergency meeting with a rehab facility that we know!