Interventional Cardiac Consultants have been assisting drug and alcohol rehab facilities

Sarasota Inverventional Cardiac Consultants is a privately funded organization that is geared towards one thing and one thing only, that is saving the lives of the people that need help! Your heart is a very strong and robust muscle but also a very delicate one. We understand the stresses and worries of the family members, friends and loved ones that have to see you kill your body and life slowly or even when it happens and it is out of out control. To be even more sincere, we have staff and close friends of ours that has been in your shoes without a doubt. There is a way out, theres always that chance and we we do is capitalize on it every single time with all out of clients and patients whether it be exclusively health issue or some sort of addictiom of dependency to alcohol or any other drug out there. We are here to help you better the life that you lead today in order to brighten your day of tomorrow along with your friends and family. We are 100% confident that at the end of your experience with us here at Sarasota Interventional Cardiac Consultants, you will see a POSITIVE difference in your lifestyle. We will stop at nothing as long as there is a small glimmer of hope and will in your heart, to see this struggle with you to the end until you do succeed. Success has a formula just like everything else in life, and that formula is good will, determination, patience, positivity, support and never give up because as long as you don’t give up, you CANNOT FAIL.


Our organization provides people of all backgrounds support and that helping hand in order to get the ball rolling for them and on their way to a healthier, cleaner and overall, happier life. We are composed of a small team of 3 consultants and a support staff of 10 back in office ready for any calls. Each of our consultants have experience in the medical field as Primary Care Doctors, Eye Physicians, Cardiac and Vascular Specialists, Nurtitionists, Chiropractors, and Heart Surgeons, allowing us to meet many great Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Offices and Rehab Facilities. We have specialized in the medical field now for over 20 years giving us an the experience necessary to help you find the right solution. We also have had the opportunity to deal with a few related issues ourselves here ar Sarasota ICC. We also work hand in hand with a few different drug rehabilitation facilities in Florida, giving us the connection to reffer you to the right one in order to solve your problem based completely on your personal necesities and situations. Alcohol, heroin, cocain and pills have very different affects to the human body including the heart. We have first hand expereince with many of these issues alreadd thanks to our extensive experience in this field, allowing us to understand the condition of your current situation and giving us the power of being able to customize the next following set of circumstances in a way that will help you personally excel in the recovery process.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, give us the call now. We can help!